Client Testimonials

Saving Time Equals Peace of Mind

You provide me with peace of mind. It is critical if there is an emergency that I am available to respond on a timely basis. If you can’t reach me then you keep trying. Your service keeps me in touch when I am away from the office phone.

You save me time. When a client can’t show or is running late; you make the effort to get in touch with me and let me know so that I am not wasting my precious time. I have my favorites. Pearl is so diligent. She watches out for me. I appreciate all of your efforts because I know that you have a really tough job. Thank you for getting the return phone number correct with about 99.9% accuracy. The .01% is probably because I dialed it wrong! I appreciate that a record of calls is kept.

—Peggy Sharp, Sharp Properties

Above and Beyond Expectations

I have found that using the “SCAS” was like hiring another office staff person…every effort was made to accommodate my needs. My situation was unusual during my business transition and they went out of their way to make things smooth for me and my patients. I felt that they went way above and beyond expectations and the contracted work. I also received many compliments from clients and colleagues.

—Dr. Amy Solomon, MD
Balance Health of Ben Lomond

Extends our Service

Santa Cruz Answering Service extends our hours of operation by providing a live operator after normal working hours. Their Team provides a buffer and link between Customers with Mechanical emergencies and our on-call Plumbers and HVAC Technicians. Accurate and timely messages are conveyed to the appropriate people so that we can continue to provide high quality service with prompt and professional responses.

—Tom Wilson, Geo. H. Wilson, Inc

One Less Worry

Santa Cruz Answering Service has given us at Ladd’s Auto Body & Towing such good service, we don’t have to worry about the phones at all! Santa Cruz Answering Service answers our phones 24 hours a day seven days a week. With their excellent customer service and professionalism, I know my callers are taken care of. Santa Cruz Answering Service understands the needs of my business and answers the phone in one or two rings. It would be very difficult to run my business without Santa Cruz Answering Service answering my phones.

I highly recommend Santa Cruz Answering Service. They will answer your phones professionally, quickly and the operators are very friendly.

— Jack Ladd, Ladd’s Auto Body & Towing

Friendly, Courteous Operators

Answer our phones politely while we are out of the office…We would lose customer’s without depending on somebody to answer our phones…Friendly, Courteous Operators

—Jackie, George Allen Plumbing

We’ve got you covered

I opened a one-person, solo practitioner law office in January, 1995, in the beautiful Branciforte Plaza office building. I was very fortunate, at that time, to engage the services of a highly qualified, very professional receptionist, who has been with me thirteen years now. You might not believe it, but my receptionist cheerfully and faithfully answers my phone from 8 PM to 6 PM, five days a week, plus takes emergency calls all of the other hours of the day and night. My receptionist has never called in sick, demanded an afternoon off to tend to a sick child, declined to work on a holiday, or “borrowed” office supplies from me. My receptionist takes careful messages when I am not available, makes sure I promptly receive those messages THREE DIFFERENT WAYS, and keeps a record of those messages.

I have never had labor issues with my receptionist, nor worker’s comp, social security, or unemployment problems. I have been able to freely give specialized instructions for special days or events or special clients, without a responsive whine or foot-dragging because of “changes”. While on vacation I have been able to consult with my receptionist from afar, giving me a sense of complete security – that I am “covered”.

I am the envy of many business folk – to have this kind of labor stability and institutional memory serving me all of these years…and all for a fraction of the standard cost of an employee, because this service is provided to me by…Santa Cruz Answering Service! Their personalization of their service to me, over the years, to regard their operation as personal – for instance, on what used to be called National Secretaries Day I take a basket of treats to my answering service.

Lastly, please know that many new clients, upon arriving at my office, look around and say, “Where is that nice secretary I was talking to?” That nice secretary is a couple of blocks away, but always on the job. Thank you, SCAS, with thirteen years of the Ryle family’s expert and technologically astute business management, and thoughtful, careful personnel policies, for making my business work.

—Brian T. Murtha, Attorney at Law


…we here at USG have been extremely pleased with the professionalism that your team has been handling our account. I am a very difficult guy to personally please when it comes to how our customer’s incoming phone calls are handled…

—Larry Grant, US/Grant Technologies

#1 Service Provider

Thanks Guys, for making us the #1 Service Provider in Santa Cruz!

—Tim, Rosenthal Plumbing

Where You Can Find Us

Santa Cruz Answering Service
5300 Soquel Ave, Suite 105.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

tel: 831-429-7575


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