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Live 24/7 Answering

Your calls are forwarded to the private number we assign to you. Our operators answer your incoming calls with a clearly scripted answer phrase identifying your organization. Directed by your instructions our operator will take a message, reach on call personnel, or give out information. When taking a message we record the information you require from each caller, and promptly deliver the resulting message in one of several ways, depending upon your specific needs. Your messages can be delivered to you via fax, email, phone, alpha/digital pager and/or voice mail. Your messages are delivered to you when and how you want them.


A busy medical practice uses our service in a number of ways. If their phone lines become overloaded during the day, we take the overflow calls, and send their messages back to the office immediately. During their lunch hour we take their calls and deliver them to the office when they check back in. Outside of business hours we take all their calls and for routine matters, the messages are held until the next business day. For calls where the caller requests an immediate conversation with the doctor, we reach the on call doctor or doctors according to their individual instructions.

Service Dispatch

Are you missing new sales opportunities because callers won’t leave a voice mail message? Let our operators capture those calls and increase your sales! We can answer for you after hours or while you are on a job. We will take messages for those callers wanting a quote or immediate service and text message the information to your cell phone immediately.

Property Management

After hours property management firms forward their calls to us. Based on the instructions of each individual firm our operators screen the calls, and when instructed, reach one or more on call personnel.

Order Entry

Operators will quickly greet every caller live, any time, day or night to extend your hours of operation. Information for orders can be entered into our system or directly into your website. Our friendly, professional operators enter, confirm, and dispatch order information immediately.

Appointment Scheduling

Our operators can schedule, change, or cancel appointments while you are busy with your clients. Instead of having the caller contact a competitor while you are busy we will book the business for you, increasing your sales. By using an online calendar both you and we can schedule appointments, avoiding overlapping appointments and conflicts.

Voice Mail

Calls to your private number are answered with a scripted and recorded voice mail greeting. Typically, the greeting invites the caller to leave a message at the tone. Multilevel voice mail invites the caller to press a key to reach an individual, department or function. The caller then hears a second message which may be information only, or invite the caller to leave a message. Any voice mail box may be configured to notify the client whenever a caller leaves a message.

Voice Mail with Operator Assistance

A hybrid service, it provides a voice mail front end to live operator service. Calls are initially answered by a voice mail system and callers are given the option to leave a voice mail message for routine matters or press zero to speak with an operator. This service provides callers the ability to reach a live person for urgent matters and avoids unnecessary operator charges for matters that can be handled during business hours.

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Santa Cruz Answering Service
5300 Soquel Ave, Suite 105.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

tel: 831-429-7575
email: clint@santacruzanswering.com


April 2019

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