Our Prices

  • Live Operator Services

    Starting at $44 per month

    The cost of our live operator services are based on billable call minutes, also known as operator assisted calls. Billable call minutes are based on operator talk time for both inbound and outbound calls during the billing period. Our billing packages consist of a fixed monthly base rate which provides a monthly call minute allowance and a cost per minute over the allowance. Standard packages start as low as $44.00 per month.

  • Live Service with a Preannouncement

    $20 per month in addition to Live Operator Services

    A voice mail preannouncement can be used to keep the monthly cost of your service as low as possible. This service uses a preannouncement to screen out calls that our operators cannot assist them with. This service helps customers avoid unnecessary operator charges for a small monthly fee in addition to the contracted live operator services.

  • Voice Mail with Operator Assist

    Starting at $54.00 per month

    This service provides a voice mail front end to live operator service. Calls are initially answered by a voice mail system and callers are given the option to leave a voice mail message for routine matters or press zero to speak with an operator. This service also helps customers avoid unnecessary operator charges for a fixed monthly fee in addition to the contacted live operator services. The monthly fee for the voice mail portion of this service is based on the complexity of the voice mail services starting at $20 per month.

  • Voice mail services

    Starting at $20 per month

    Voice mail services are flat rated with a fixed monthly cost. The monthly cost starts as low as $20.00 per month and is based on the complexity of the voice mail set up.

Where You Can Find Us

Santa Cruz Answering Service
5300 Soquel Ave, Suite 105.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

tel: 831-429-7575
email: clint@santacruzanswering.com


March 2019

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